Gosh Cosmetics

GOSH Cosmetics is a Danish-based hip and trendy cosmetics, bath & body, and fragrance company.

GOSH Cosmetics is already a sensation in the fashion industry of Europe. It has been turning heads for over 25 years and is currently selling in over 66 countries throughout the world.

GOSH Cosmetics brings iridescent effects make-up with shine, shimmer, and dazzle, brightly coloured mascaras and liquid eyeliners, pencils and nail enamels with the subtle sensuality of glitter, and a complete assortment of waterproof or semi-permanent make-up.

The broad product range provides the consumer with the option to find precisely the product that matches their individual style and wishes. Current times require many different expressions and these expressions change frequently. Innovation is therefore the cornerstone and GOSH Cosmetics quickly captures new ideas and needs as well as upcoming fashion trends and converts all of these aspects into exciting new products.

All GOSH Cosmetics products are developed on the basis of up-to-the-minute technology and knowledge. The close collaboration with raw material suppliers contributes to ensure the best product quality within the area; and top quality products mean satisfied consumers.

The GOSH range of products are available in our Virginia shop.

For further information on the range see www.goshcosmetics.com/uk